Coming soon!

[moved from the previous site]

This blog will launch in January 2016. Not 100% sure yet but I’d like to focus on something like the following:

  1. Discussion of if and how young working professionals can contribute to the not-for-profit space/humanitarian space without quitting their jobs – weigh in and and tweet at @betterlemonaid
  2. Spotlight of great social enterprises, foundations, organizations
  3. Head in the Sky – debates on how corporate social responsibility, activism, etc. e.g., the debate over the Kony 2012 campaign
  4. Feet on the Ground – notes on the talent/job market, market challenges, and any postings of specific volunteer work opportunities

The name has no relation to the wonderful “lemonaid” initiative by Robin Hood Foundation (except that someone over there had the same thoughts on the word-play of “aid”) – nothing about this blog or its content is meant to reflect on that separate initiative.


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