blog organization

Loosely organized as:


  • Discussions of past aid efforts, case studies, what “went wrong” or “went right”
  • Tidbits  or events in history that really influenced humanitarianism


  • On-going humanitarian crises, quick info summary or links to informative articles, several organizations or fundraisers worth checking out if invested in aid relief.
  • Profiles of different organizations, because people keep asking me “have you heard about XYZ” (and please, i want people to tell me about them…email or tweet @betterlemonaid or


  • Thoughts, questions, articles, and ideas about social enterprises, social entrepreneurship, humanitarianism in the future, etc.
  • Future of careers; some thoughts here and there on how the workplace is changing (impact investing, generational differences, corporate social responsibility)


Humanitarian aid organizations hereby referred to as “HAO” & non-profits as “NP” &non-governmental organizations as “NGO” & human rights organizations as “HRO”&  Humanitarian/human rights called “HHR

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