cool ideas, or nah?

happy friday! a little reminder that humans all over are coming up with cool ideas. Some are new, some are old…and 100% of it is subject to debate and criticism.

  1. Amazon user? use this.  (My Skeptical Side: or, read this and decide it causes more harm than good. Moral licensing, y’all – google Yale  economist  Matthew  J.  Kotchen’s research on this. Would love anyone’s $0.02 on this one…@betterlemonaid)
  2. If you get annoyed with washing your spoons & forks repeatedly…  edible utensils to reduce waste…mmmmm
  3. Not a fan of eating your utensils? that’s cool man. biodegradable ones – some college universities, such as Cornell University, offer compostable utensils. (My Skeptical Side: though the brand Cornell uses was under review a little while ago…)
  4. If procrastination via social media is a struggle…procrasDonate donates money for time you spend on social sites. (My Skeptical Side: look @ the link I posted under #1. Do you think this hurts giving in the long run?)
  5. In NYC and hungry? Go for the noms here at Eat Offbeat. (My Skeptical Side: I have nothing to say, actually.)

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